We use all our public donations to directly fund water projects. Below you can see just
some of the latest projects we have carried out and new ones to support!


‘New’ This is ‘Bambara’ village, a community situated on the South Bank Region in The Gambia. Their community needs are far higher than the existing water source can provide and the open well, they currently use is often contaminated and making the people sick on a regular basis, Our team are currently drilling them a new borehole. To support this community, please click here to donate. Thank you.

Kerr Amadou Fayel

Kerr Amadou Fayel, is located a few kilometres from the regional town of Kerewan, the regional center of the North Bank Region. It is a geographically isolated area very close to the Senegal border. Water or Africa helped to fix broken hand pumps and also drilled a new borehole site for residents along the south of the river. This project impacted 1,500 residents within the region.

Kerr Jaga Jobe

Kerr Jarga Jobe is located about few kilometers from the regional town of Kerewan, the regional centre of the North Bank Region. We drilled two new 40 metre depth boreholes and installed handpumps in two other large villages. As with all our projects, we trained a local team of engineers and project managers who carry out the monthly maintenance of the systems and ensure its safety.

Medina Saho

Medina Saho is located near the regional town of Basse. Within this region, Water for Africa found many pumps previously installed to be damaged. This had a significant impact on a number of schools and hospitals within the area. As a result, Water for Africa carried out the construction of 6 new boreholes along with a awareness program in order to have a bigger impact.


Kubuni, is located about 6 km from the regional town of Brikama, and is the regional centre of the West Coast Region. Our research team found water sources would dry up after a few buckets causing residents to wait for long periods of time. Water for Africa installed a number of new boreholes and ensured that every community within the region could access it.


Gambissara is located a few kilometres from the regional town of Basse, and is the regional centre of the Upper River Region. Through the installation of new boreholes and effective project management on the ground, our project enabled many residents within their village to carry out community driven agricultural production and generate an income for future generations.


Kuntair in the North Bank region is a town located in the Gambia, approximately 25 miles (or 40 km) East of Banjul. Our research team found a number of unprotected sites in the area, where there was a high degree of bacterial and physical contamination. Thanks to our donors and local support on the ground, we were able to provide a sustainable clean water solution for generations to come.