We believe that a sustained programme of investment will enable communities in Africa to develop, become self reliant and so break the cycle of dependency and short term aid.

Water for Africa is currently based both in the UK and The Gambia. The UK arm is focused on targeting funding for projects in Africa and managing the budget, allocating of resources and procurement of goods and services to be used on the projects within Africa. The Gambian base currently implements the projects on the ground. We have worked within a private and public partnership with all profits, after operating costs, reinvested directly in the communities that need the greatest help and support.

Water for Africa was founded in 2003 by philanthropic business executives who believed we could offer investment, experience and a different approach to the NGO model. We became a registered charity in 2006 in the UK, the directors invested their resources to set up the organisation and purchase a single state-of-the-art drilling machine – Shipped to Banjul, the capital of The Gambia, in September 2003, trucks, vehicles, office furniture and borehole consumables.

The drill was the first of its kind in the country and the machine only one of two drilling machines in the whole of The Gambia. This equipment is used in providing water for both drinking and agricultural production aimed at reducing the dependence on rain fed agriculture. A new drilling rig has been designed and is currently under construction to meet the African markets needs.

So far we have recruited a dedicated local team who have been trained by European and African specialists with extensive experience and expertise gained across Africa, Asia and Europe. The specialists include water engineers, agriculturists, economists, environmental and public health specialists who work with and support Water for Africa.

Water for Africa also believes in investing in the model to provide lifetime support of all water projects in Africa, through to continuous support, training and service to ensure all of the boreholes, equipment and services remain updated and viable, a key criticism of aid for water in the past, was that the deterioration and lack of continuous support for the water sources mean that the wells are now falling into a state of disrepair and as such are no longer working. It is Water for Africa’s vision to provide each country with the necessary trained people and support to provide spare parts and service.

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We offer a huge range of roles across the organisation and throughout the UK and Gambia. At Water For Africa, we value each other, listen and respond to people’s concerns and work together to achieve our vision.

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Volunteers are integral to Water For Africa’s fight against bad water sources in Africa. We have a wide variety of volunteer roles within our organisation. Contact our office for opportunities to volunteer at Water For Africa events and in our global offices.

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