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Choose Water is a unique, ethical, creative company whose new bottles are 100% plastic free, our paper bottles are eco-friendly and completely biodegradable. In addition, they can supply your bottled water at competitive prices and 100% of the profits are donated to Water for Africa!

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We are delighted to be working with Choose Water. An unique and ethical water company that is giving 100% of it’s profits to Water for Africa.


Choose Water is 100% plastic free, our paper bottles are eco-friendly and completely biodegradable.

We all know that plastics are strangling our oceans and clogging our landfill. We have had enough, that is why our bottle is made from recycled, sustainable and natural materials. They are formed of a recycled paper outer casing, and an inner waterproof liner.

They will be on shelves hopefully by the end of the year.

Choose Water was originally set up to use bottled water to make a positive impact to people’s lives, by donating 100% of our profits to our charity partner, Water For Africa. It was our mission to promote recycling and charitable giving to turn our bottles into an ethical choice for consumers. We quickly realised that our plastic bottles were really harming the environment, so we changed them.

Choose Water is based in both London & Edinburgh and supplies hotels, restaurants and cafés that believe that we can make a positive change, simply by choosing the right water.

The company was founded by James Longcroft, after leaving university. James was fortunate enough to spend time in The Gambia, visiting communities replete of clean drinking water. Seeing first – hand how limited access to water hindered socio – economic development and negatively impacted health conditions, it became clear that more had to be done to help. Hit by an acute awareness of our own wastefulness and mindlessness, James’ return to the UK prompted the launch of Choose Water, an ethical bottled water company donating all proceeds to Water for Africa .

Choose Water is trying to change the way we drink water, aligning our consumer habits to our ethical responsibilities in a globalised world. The bottled water market in the UK is worth over £2.1 billion. In 2015 we produced over 2,200 million litres. It seems only right that the success of this industry should benefit charitable causes working to improve the availability of clean water for those with scarce or inadequate supplies.

Choose Water can provide the following: Water bottles that are 100% plastic free, their paper bottles are eco-friendly and completely biodegradable

Choose Water can provide your bottled water for your restaurant, office or events.

Choose Water offers numerous delivery and storage options for your company. They can deliver your custom water to any address in the UK. If you have on-site storage then they can deliver your complete order, or alternatively, they can supply you with a more constant supply delivered when suits you. Whether it is weekly or monthly.

Choose Water can offer a huge number of combinations of bottle type, size, lids and label type. They pride themselves on the quality of their bottles and the water itself.

And 100% of the profits go to ‘Water for Africa’. Un-paralleled across the whole bottled water industry.