Tasaver Hussain works for Fujitsu as a Senior Service Manager, having joined Fujitsu through the graduate programme in 2008, he has managed various IT Service Delivery elements for a number of high profile organisations.

Whilst studying at Nottingham Trent University, he visited The Gambia for the first time in 2005 and grew an early interest into supporting Water for Africa and used this as a case study towards his final year dissertation. He is dedicated, tenacious, focused and a strong team player, with a keen eye for detail. His proactive and can do attitude coupled with passion for excellence in execution makes him a valuable trustee for Water for Africa.


Tom is the 8th direct descendant of the industrialist Josiah Wedgwood, FRS, founder of the Wedgwood brand. Currently, Tom is ‚Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Catching Light, A renewable technology company specialising in marine and smart living. Formally, an adviser to the Trestle Group Foundation, he chaired the 20:20 Initiative to empower 20,000 women entrepreneurs in emerging economies. Since leaving a corporate career with Waterford Wedgwood Group, Tom has dedicated his time to philanthropic endeavours as well as trade and development initiatives in developing and emerging economies. Tom has worked with GCEL, a Geneva based think tank working to bring the digital economy and efficient trade practices to countries in North Africa, GCC, and Asia Pacific. He is the founder of Hope and Wood Fund which helps communities build low cost sustainable and eco-friendly schools and shelters to natural disaster-stricken countries. Tom has also worked with the Prince’s Trust with advising their Traditional Arts brand on market entry strategies in Japan and Taiwan.

Prior, Tom held senior management roles of the Waterford Wedgwood Group in Asia, UK and USA. He was the president and representative director of Waterford Wedgwood, Asia Pacific. In addition, Tom has advised starts up the travel tech space such as Switchfly and Epteca as well as new consumer brands such Haigh & Hastings, Vin Plus, and Nexcite.

Tom was born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe, educated in the UK and then later Rutger’s University in United States. Tom has a masters in Oceanography and Biology. He lives in Switzerland with his wife and daughter. His personal interests are marine conservation and contemporary ceramic art.


Advisory Board


Luca is the Founder and CEO of 108 Golborne Garage, a new all-day Italian casual dining concept, based in Notting Hill, London opened in early 2016 and Southam Street in 2017.

His investment focus is on early-stage companies in the areas of online services, e-commerce, branded consumer products and innovative food concepts. Some of his current and past investments at different stages for himself or third parties, directly and indirectly include: AOL, Amazon, Ebay, Yahoo, Linkedin, Lycos, Google, Apple, Facebook, Coursera, Dailybreak, Dropbox, General Assembly, Gilt Group, Jawbone, LyU, Maven, Odesk, Sharepost, Silicon Valley Data Science, Spotify, TwiXer, Zocdoc, Zoom System.

He was the founder and CEO of State Capital, a leading independent merchant bank. With over 17 years of experience, in the course of which he has participated in a plethora of transactions in a general partner role as well as an Advisor, for emerging industries, Internet and new technologies

He was Investor, co-founder and CEO of the world largest Christian content aggregator on the internet, IPTV, sold to Los Angeles based media group Early Investor in one of the largest UC/IP/VOIP/PBX operators in South America, sold his stake to a large Brazilian investor group

Vice President of Ladenburg Thalmann & Co in New York, Luca has provided significant value to founders while raising capital or direct investments for new technologies, emerging industries and dot-coms. Started his career in the financial market at VTR Capital, an NY based investment banking firm, very active in the dot-com bubble.


For the last twenty years Riccardo Romani has been a reporter chasing stories to tell. He lived in Milano, New York, Roma, and London. His reportages have been published all over the world. He’s been Foreign Correspondent for news channel SkyTG24 from USA, Afghanistan and United Kingdom. For Sky he wrote and directed the TV series “The election game” (2008). He also made the documentary “Coca Nostra”, an one-hour feature focused on cocaine trail from South America to the streets of Italy (2011).

With Oscar winner Director Alfonso Cuaron as Executive Producer, he founded in 2014 Robusto Films for which he is also Creative Director. He collaborated already with Cuaron to the documentary “The possibility of Hope” (Universal Pictures, 2007). With Dario Torromeo, he published “Monzon”, the biography of the doomed world champion. His first novel – “Le cose brutte non esistono” (“Bad things do not exist”) – has been rewarded with the Albatross Prize for Literature and Travels and has been Finalist at the “2014 John Fante Festival and Award” for debuting novelist. Is currently directing the documentary “Throwing Bombs in Baghdad” (tentative title), a story about a group of teenagers boxers dreaming to go to Olympics and forced in the meantime to combat the Isis to defend their Country.


A Ground Water Resource Management Engineer with over 20 years experience specialising in Borehole drilling, teaching and training drillers within Africa and setting up drilling organisations all around the world. Working with leading NGO’s, Government organisations and private companies, Bruno is an accomplished
engineer who works with Water for Africa to help implement the unique model of training African’s to become an accomplished and experienced drilling team.