Water for Africa receives an amazing donation of Spats – Original Rubber Boots™ for women working in Horticulture and Agricultural projects in Africa

CrocGloss Spats Boots


Water is life and without it, life ceases to exist, which is why a Water for Africa was delighted when approached by ‘Spats™’ to donate a huge quantity of brand new Spats – Original Rubber Boots™ for women in Africa.  Facilitated by InKind Direct, the boots will be distributed to many women working in agriculture and horticultural projects in villages within Africa.  “Footwear is such an important and forgotten commodity in Africa” says Sheryl Greentree, CEO and Co-Founder of Water for Africa.  “Women are walking miles every day to not only collect water, they are working for hours on end in the fields to grow vital food for their families and their communities.  We forget that women’s feet not only need protection, but in the rainy seasons, their traditional footwear is poor and inadequate.  The wonderful donation of Spats –Original Rubber Boots™ will make a huge difference to the lives of hundreds of women.  We are truly delighted for our beneficiaries.  They are beautiful handcraft, British designed boots from an ethical company”.

Founder of Spats Boots Imogen O’Rorke says, “Fashion is a fickle and wasteful business and footwear even more so. Like a lot of brands, at the end of the season we have a number of end-of-line colourways and returns. I am delighted that we can repurpose this stock in such a positive and constructive way – by giving needy women in Africa waterproof footwear for the rainy season.”

The boots will be exported in the coming weeks and we look forward to sharing the experience of their distribution in the next few months.   Thank you again to ‘Spatz’ and to ‘InKind Direct’ for their amazing generosity and support.

Spats Boots Arriving

Mr Jack Machin – From Fenton Motor Repairs who helped Water for Africa with the delivery


Spats – Original Rubber Boots

 Spats – Original Rubber Boots™ are British designed, handcrafted, rubber ankle boots.  They are  handmade from 19 separate parts using a traditional production process.  The founders are engaged with every step of the process and oversee the production line and quality control in person at their partner factories in China and Mainland Europe.  They are satisfied that the factory employs local workers, who they treat well and it comes up to international ethical and environmental trading standards.


About Water for Africa

 Water for Africa is a UK registered charity, which now has over 13 years of experience in setting up innovative, fiscal models to supply sustainable water sources in Africa. It challenges the decades of failing water points, by training African men and women drillers in water supply installations, community mobilization, technical repairs, and monitoring.  Water for Africa only drills boreholes and not open wells.  This provides communities with water systems which are safe and reduces the risk of cross contamination, preventing the threat of children and livestock falling into the water source. This model is sustainable because boreholes reach deeper aquifers and do not diminish in the ‘dry season,’ providing communities with a continuous, high yielding water source. In addition, boreholes can up-graded from a hand-pump to a fully integrated irrigation system for agriculture.

 For further information, please contact:

Sheryl Greentree: sheryl@waterforafrica.org.uk

Telephone: + (0) 7799668151 or visit us at: www.waterforafrica.org.uk