Salou Barry

Salou has been with the organisation from the beginning and is now the Head Driller.  A former fisherman and engineer, Salou's technical abilities, enables him to lead the drilling to team have a 100% success rate with every borehole he has supervised.  He is also an accomplished singer, drummer and song-writer.


Lamin Badjie

Whilst he is one of the younger members of the team, Lamin worked his way up to lead projects on the ground for the organisation. He first started off being trained as a borehole data collector when Water for Africa was first formed in 2002.  His aptitude for knowledge and learning meant he quickly rose through the ranks to lead the team and operation within Africa.


Kansaikou Saho

Kansaikou Saho - Senior driller - Also known as Jaliman within the team, Kansaikou was a former policeman and a trained pharmacist before joining Water for Africa over 10 years ago, coming from the first village that Water for Africa drilled for in the village of Jali in The Gambia (hence his nickname)  

Gian Corr

Gian is a trained hydro-geologist who works with the team on every project. He is integral to the team to ensure the correct location of the borehole and ensuring the boreholes capacity and water source meets international standards