Fundraise for us !

There are many ways you can fundraise for ‘Water for Africa’.  We have teamed up with ‘Just Giving’ to give you a safe and effective way to raise money for the charity. Just Giving enables you to personalise your event and easily share your mission with your friends and family. We use JustGiving because it helps us raise more. The proof: over 12 million people already have raised over £700 million for charity on JustGiving. JustGiving makes online fundraising simple, fast, effective and fun.

It only takes 60 seconds for you to set up a fundraising page, and it’s quick and easy to share it with your friends. Plus, JustGiving provides you and your sponsors with a 100% secure, spam-free experience.

Create a ‘Fund-raising Page’.  This can be any fund-raising event you wish either take part in or create yourself as an individual or part of a group, please click on this button to start setting up your page.

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You may wish to set up a page in memory of an inspiring individual who you know would appreciate being associated in giving ‘Water for Life’.  Please click this button below to set up a page.

If you wish to have an individual water project named in your family member or friends memory, please contact us directly to talk to us about your wishes.

If you wish to download our A4A3fundraisingpack-Water for Africa, which will give you the opportunity to print off: Sponsorship Forms, A4 and A3 ‘Event Posters’ and A3 and A4 ‘Target Posters’.

For a special fund-raising event, we have available:   T-shirts, designed by ‘Jeff Banks’, collection boxes and buckets, leaflets, flyers and other ‘Water for Africa’ promotional items. please ‘Contact Us’ for further details.


Fundraising Ideas

Not only does your fund-raising activities help us to change so many lives in Africa, they can also be fun to organise and take part in.  Please see below a list of fun, novel, fund-raising ideas you may wish to organise.

Artistic Ideas

Create and sell a music CD: Put your talents to good use, record your singing onto your PC, either as a solo artist or as a band. Send us a copy or a link and we can put it on i-tunes for your friends and family to buy. You never know it could be a hit!

Create your own charity video appeal:   Write, produce and edit a unique and appealing charity video, which we can upload to our ‘You Tube’ account or even our own home page.

Hold a charity gig night: Promote your event on our events page and raise your profile on-line.

Plan a music festival: Approach your local, national and international bands to play at your event, for more information and help, please contact us.

Set up an art or photographic exhibition: Ask your college, town hall, local supermarket to display your artistic work, ask for donations, charge an entrance fee, or see your work. Advertise your event on our events page.

Crazy Ideas?

Extreme Sports: Such as Abseiling, Parachute Jump, Bungee Jumping ….

Expeditions: Organise a trip overseas, walking, cycling,

School Ideas

Have a ‘Water for Africa Day’ when everyone sells cakes and drinks, stalls, raffles and tombola’s. The whole school could also bring in large coins and create a huge well in the playground!

Build a wishing well in the classroom and encourage everyone to make a wish for Africa, by throwing in their spare change.

Have a sports day with a difference! Everything has to be completed carrying water! A relay race carrying buckets of water, an obstacle course with water features, sponsored 5km walk, carrying as much water as possible.

Have a toy sale day, encourage pupils to bring in unwanted gifts/toys to sell and raise money for Africa.

Hold a ‘Non Uniform Day – simple, but fun! Your pupils can join in by paying to not wear uniform for the day.

They could match the distance that an African pupil has to walk (often 3 miles), and get sponsored per hundred metres!

An Auction of Promises with all kinds of promises made from local businesses and parents that included free babysitting to CDs donated by the local radio station

A Sponsored Art Contest.  Local businesses could be asked to donate £10 to sponsor one of the children’s work. They then display the art all over the area in shop windows, house windows, businesses – in fact anywhere to show off and promote the work on display.  On the day of the contest, visitors etc buy a card listing all the art, and for each piece of art they find they get a signature from the sponsor.  Those who get all the signatures are put in a prize draw and all the prizes were also donated by local businesses.  Pupils, could display African themed art, African Children, Water Carrying, etc. They can also enjoy seeing their paintings displayed all over the town

Selling and Sponsoring Projects eg: A Water Borehole for a village. Getting people and businesses to sponsor parts of it, for example: a metre of a borehole costs about £80 per metre. The depth of a borehole can vary from 25 – 50 metres depending on the geology of the land.  The sponsor gets a certificate with a community reference.  Pupils could also develop a memorandum programme where you could buy metres of a borehole and put a photo, poem or whatever in the In Memorandum book.


Become a volunteer !

Faced with what seems like an impossible task, a group of folks will do well to remember the African proverb:  ”When spider webs unite they can tie up a lion.” Johnnetta B. Cole

We welcome help and support from every sector of society, whether it is an hour a month, or a full-time role, Water for Africa knows the power of individuals working collectively to change the world.

We currently would appreciate help in the following areas:

  • Fund-raising
  • Writing Bid Proposals for funding
  • Administration work
  • Accountancy support
  • Advocacy work
  • Marketing support
  • Corporate fund-raising

But we also welcome anyone who believes they can add value and support.