Ever thought about fundraising for work, your school, college of community group? Water for Africa would love to hear from you.


You can now start a project in the name of your organisation and we can show you your results.

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We never cease to be inspired by our fundraisers.

Fund-raising is called so for a reason.

Because it can be tremendous fun! 

Individuals who join together are a constant source of inspiration for us at Water for Africa.

Whether it is friends, peers, classmates from schools, colleges and universities who start up entrepreneurial initiatives to raise funds.

Companies and Corporations

Colleagues, team members and board members who work collectively to support us for their corporate social responsibility initiatives. From company sponsorship, to dressing as zoo animals.  We are happy to hear from everyone. 

Community groups and friends.

From treking across deserts, running marathons, climbing mountains or baking cakes.  You have given the gist of life through giving water by your amazing support. 



will fund you a project from beginning to end and bring a new borehole with a hand-pump to a whole community for a generation.


Will provide a solar powered system with an overhead tank and a stand-pipe/tap for a whole community for a generation. 

Thousands of people

get clean water as a result of your contributions for a generation.

Over 120 Communities

have already benefited by being given clean water through your collective efforts for a generation.

And we can continue to give more, in a unique and sustainable way.


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Your first time? Don't worry lets do it together

If its your first time putting something like this together, don't worry we are in this together. Lets come up with some creative ideas to get you started.  Please contact us and we will be happy to help you bring your ideas to life ... literally to life!   Contact Us



Projects to date

Since Water for Africa was founded in 2003, we have funded over 120 clean water projects in countries in West Africa.  Please join us on our journey.