Choose Water - A unique, ethical and creative company who can supply your bottled water at competitive prices and 100% of the profits are donated to Water for Africa!

We are delighted to be working with Choose Water.  An unique and ethical water company that is giving 100% of it's profits to Water for Africa.

They provide British bottled water across the country. Whether you need glass bottles or plastic ones or even ones to be handed out, they are the right people for you. Not only can they offer great water, but they are happy to give up their branding for yours on the label. Show the world you also support this great cause.

If you wish to run an advertising and marketing campaign, sponsor a nationwide event, show, exhibition, awards event, all whilst supporting your organisations corporate social responsibility goals, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

Choose Water can provide the following:

Choose Water can provide your bottled water for your restaurant, office or events.

Choose Water offers numerous delivery and storage options for your company. They can deliver your custom water to any address in the UK. If you have on site storage then they can deliver your complete order, or alternatively they can supply you with a more constant supply delivered when suits you. Whether it is weekly or monthly.

Choose Water can offer a huge number of combinations of bottle type, size, lids and label type. They pride themselves on the quality of their bottles and the water itself.

And 100% of the profits go to 'Water for Africa'.  Un-paralleled across the whole bottled water industry.

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