Water for Africa is a UK based charity, which has developed a successful model over the last 12 years in providing communities in Africa with water, sanitation and health provision.  The model has been developed to ensure sustainability and provide a ‘new’ approach to address the high failure rate of broken hand-pumps and water sources across Africa.  With between 40%- 60% of water sources failing, across Africa, we all have to act now ! Our model and core philosophies has enabled us to overcome many traditional challenges which have faced donors for many years.   We only drill boreholes and as the only UK charity with its own locally based drilling organisation and locally based team, we ensure that the working with the community, our water sources can be sustained, repaired and upgraded for future generations.  It is time for us all to work towards a different approach.  The Water for Africa model is unique in its provision of water technology and long-term maintenance. It is our hope and our aim that donors, other NGO’s and governments change their tact to improve Africa’s water supplies for the future.

Water For Africa believes in investing in a model which provides long-term support of all water projects in Africa.  We provide continuous support, training and service to ensure that all of the boreholes, equipment and services remain updated and viable.  A key criticism of aid for water historically has been that deterioration and lack of continuous support for the water resource mean that over 50% of wells are now falling into a state of disrepair in Africa and as such, are no longer viable.  Water For Africa provides the resources to provide trained personnel and long-term support for communities by providing back up service, parts and ring-fencing community contributions to support the service, repair and upgrade of the system.