Water for Africa's Award Winning Campaign at the Cannes Lion Film Festival

Water for Africa are proud to present our Cannes Lion Award winning short documentary. Meet the Marathon Walker. The full length documentary about her journey is coming soon.

Share the Love with Africa

You can raise donations and help communities in Africa by running your own campaign and getting others involved in special events.

Gift The Power Of Change

Make a memorable impact on the lives on thousands of women and children for generations to come.


Support our Marathon Walker.

To donate, please visit: www.themarathonwalker.com

Help Us to Shorten the Distance.

or Text WFAM50 £5 to 70070


We are delighted to be working with 'Free Water'.

Giving out free water to support water projects for 'Water for Africa'All profits from Free water will be donated to Water for Africa.

To learn more about sponsorship/marketing opportunities for your company or organisation and to support your corporate social responsibility policies, please visit: www.freewater.london

Up to 60% of water sources across Africa are currently failing.

Over the last 12 years we have played a pivotal role in the development of sustainable water projects in over 120 villages in Africa. Your efforts will ensure that our work continues to help with the water crisis throughout the region.



Once you have set up your campaign, reach out to your network and spread the word. The more people you get involved, the quicker you will hit your target and the faster you will be able to get a project going.

Help a water charity today and leave a legacy of life for tomorrow

Free Water Innovation and Water Development

Free Water

Providing London with mineral water, completely free of charge. 100% of profits go to Water for Africa, helping provide clean water to thousands.

free water london

the free water concept

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Be creative and inspire others to play their part.

We love creative people. Here are just few campaigns that we will never forget.


Show the world what you can do for clean water

How many boreholes can you help with?

Clean water changes everything.

Not only does water play a fundamental role in the day-to-day survival of every human being, but also in the development of future generations. We help with creating open wells and providing water for schools.

"Doc 41" by FrontierEnviro - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Doc_41.jpg#/media/File:Doc_41.jpg

Where does your water investment money go?

We have been on a mission to change water for an entire generation. With your support we have funded water projects in over 120 communities so far. 


Projects Receive 100%

Every penny goes directly to building clean water projects. Due to our private donors and established infrastructure we take great pride in minimising operational costs, so 100% of your money can go to water in Africa.


Continuous Investment.

We continue to invest in our team to drill boreholes and build capacity throughout every region. By investing and training our local teams to maintain and repair each water drilling rig system we are able to maintain our water projects for future generations. 

Sponsor a water project in Africa.

Want to transform the lives of an entire community? For £5000 you can fully fund a water project for a community, please visit 'The Marathon Walker' website by clicking below.

The Marathon Walker