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Water is life !

Water for Africa has provided over 100 communities with boreholes to date.  These have included villages, community gardens, schools, health clinics, hospitals and horticultural projects.
The sad thing is …. There are thousands more which are in desperate need for water!  We have a long list of communities in urgent need […]

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Water Crisis

Between 40%- 60% of Water Sources Across Africa are Failing ….
“For many years the failure rate had been attributed to technological reasons alone. It has now become clear that social and institutional factors play equally important roles. The critical question to ask is no longer solely, “Why do water supplies […]

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Water facts

Without water, life, in every form ceases to exist.
Billions are spent every year, trying to look for water on distance plants, yet so many people on earth, lack access to this resource which is easily accessible beneath the ground. This is why Water for Africa’s mission is to ensure sustainable ‘Water’ is […]

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Water is life - Boy


Our Healthcare clinic

As many of our supporters are aware, we have been incorporating health and antenatal care into our aims and constitution.  As we have been working with village communities, we have come across far too many women, who are suffering and dying during and post pregnancy.  Infant mortality and morbidity numbers are shocking […]

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Clinic Water for Africa

How our projects work ?

We have spoken at length about the importance of ‘sustainability’, about the need to ensure that our projects do not fail and that we do not become another negative statistic in Africa.  Water for Africa’s model of permanent support based in-country, training the community to service and support the water […]

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Why Boreholes ?

Why boreholes ?
To provide a clean, safe ‘Water’ source for health, an essential nutrient and building block for life.
To provide a sustainable ‘Water’ source for horticulture and agriculture, which in turn, supports the community to help ‘grow’ their way out of poverty.
The model has to work permanently within Africa by […]

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The Lady Drillers

As well as challenging the traditional models of providing water to Africa, through having our own drilling organisation, only drilling boreholes and ensuring that we support the water source with cooperation and agreement from the local government to ensure that the water source remains operational, supported and up-graded in the […]

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Gambia May 2012 192

Sheryl Greentree – Co-founder

Sheryl is one of the ‘Co-founders’ of Water for Africa. Sheryl has over 20 years executive director experience at board level for a number of veterinary companies.

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Chris Jones

Chris, our geology/environmental geoscience expert.  Chris has over 14 years experience in ‘Drilling Management’, he has a wide range of technical experience in management of site investigation, exploration and remediation contracts in a diverse range of market sectors throughout the UK and Africa.  

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Lamin Badjie

Lamin has worked with Water for Africa for over 9 years, he started his training as a young man of 19 years old and was the team’s ‘Borehole Data Collector’.

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Salou Barry

Salou is 51 years old and is our ‘Head Driller’.  Salou has worked with us from the very beginning of the organisation, being trained by our ‘European Drilling Specialists’.

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